Dennis A. Peterson

Dennis Peterson - American Self Storage

After a stint in Vietnam as a Combat Command Officer Dennis got into real estate in 1971 and purchased, built and managed millions of dollars of apartments. In 1985 he and a group of investors purchased and rehabilitated an old self storage facility in Paso Robles, Ca. Here he learned construction, management and the necessary skills to add value to property. At the end of the multi year holding period, after paying a 10% dividend the property was sold and the happy investors were very pleased at their double digit profit. Dennis replicated this process many more times with similar results both in California and Arizona. Today the company, American Self Storage, manages over 750,000 sq.ft. of self storage alone in California, Arizona and Nevada in addition to another half a million sq.ft. of assorted other property. Even through the most recent recession, gross income has remained remarkably steady. Please call Dennis and let him do the same for you.

Darren Peterson

Darren Peterson

Darren A. Peterson has been an understudy of Dennis A. Peterson since the mid 90’s learning all facets of Property Management and Self Storage Wealth Management. After graduating and obtaining a bachelor of science in business management from The University of Phoenix Darren was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in the second quarter of 2007. Darren continues to manage all personnel relations for D.A. Peterson Ent. Inc. from the corporate office and oversees the day to day operations for American Self Storage working hand-in-hand with our President of Operations and CEO. Darren is also licensed by the state of CA as a Salesperson with the Department of Real Estate ID #01373256.