Climate Controlled Storage Basics

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Climate Controlled Storage

American Self Storage in Phoenix, Arizona has expanded their business by offering customers the option of a climate controlled storage unit. Since those at American Self Storage pride themselves on being the number one storage resource in Phoenix, AZ they found it necessary to listen to what their customers had to say. Offering climate controlled storage units allows customers to feel at ease when placing their valuables in an enclosed space. 

Below is a list of questions customers should ask themselves before deciding on climate controlled units.


How does a climate controlled storage unit differ from a regular self storage unit?

The term "climate control" in the self storage business usually means keeping the temperature of the unit below 80-90 degrees in the summer and above 40 degrees in the winter. Imagine storing your valuables in room temperature to protect against extreme heat or cold. Some climate controlled units also offer humidity control. This option is great for items that are more sensitive to moisture than temperature, such as wood and other furniture, since humidity can warp and rot the wood easily.

What items need to be stored in a temperature controlled storage?

There are a wide variety of items that can be stored in climate controlled self storages. These items include:


  • T.V's
  • Video Equipment
  • Audio Equipment
  • Computer Equipment

Household Goods

  • Wood Furniture
  • Instruments
  • Candles
  • Paintings
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Comic Books
  • Paintings
  • Classic Cars

Business Documents

  • Financial Documents
  • Customer Service Documents
  • Business Reports
  • Photographs

What must you consider before deciding to use climate controlled storage?

Geographic Area:

If you live in a geographic area where the climate exceeds 90 degrees or below freezing during the summer and winter seasons, then temperature controlled units are a viable option for you.

Is it worth the extra money?

A museum was renovating its original building to add extra space for their artwork. While the building was undergoing renovation, the directors had to find a temporary storage facility that was climate controlled to protect their artwork. The museum's collection of artwork was so valuable, the directors considered spending $5 million just to have their own climate controlled storage. While it may not be the case for most of us, some people with specific items must consider temperature controlled storage simply due to the nature of their items.

Because Phoenix, AZ is not spared from extreme temperatures, those at American Self Storage know the benefits this offer would hold. Maintaining a climate controlled environment diminishes the risk of warping, cracking, rust, mildew, mold, vermin infestation and more. Climate controlled units are usually built inside buildings. This offers protection from minor floods and fires. Items stored in temperature controlled units also have the ability to stay the same, no matter the duration of the stay whether it is one week, one year, or one decade because these temperature controlled units have a circulated air flow. Although American Self Storage has an exceptional reputation for the cleanliness of their storage units, controlling the climate reduces the uncontrollable risks presented by extreme weather.

Climate controlled units may not be a necessity for everyone, which is why the staff at American Self Storage suggests you evaluate what you are placing in storage and how valuable these items are to you before making a decision. American Self storage has taken this opportunity to expand their business and further reach the needs of their customers. Because Phoenix is one of 12 storage facility locations, it is important for American Self Storage to tailor their storage unit offerings to each location. You can learn more information about American Self Storage in Phoenix as well as storage tips here.