Essentials of a Man Cave

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TimElliott ManCave

Every person needs a place where they can feel comfortable and completely unwind. It could be the kitchen, the spa or the bar, but depending on what kind of person you are, you may have a different requirement for relaxation. One special type of person may have the need to build a full room just for relaxation. Many know it as The Man Cave.

This week's blog post will cover a few ideas that play a big part of making a Man Cave. 

While personal preference will obviously play a large role in the elements of a successful mantuary, there are several common themes that we have discovered to help keep anyone happy.

  • Wide Screen TV - Shop around and find a TV that suits your budget. Many new devices allow you to stream media from the internet. This could be a way to cut down on all of the cords.
  • Keep It Cool - Think about incorporating a full bar complete with counters and cabinets.
  • Get Comfortable - It is about relaxing afterall. A Man Cave would not be complete without comfortable seating whether it's an overstuffed leather couch or a favorite lounge chair. Want to dial it up? Include a massage chair for maximum relaxation!