How to Optimize a Small Space

Written by  Alison O'Brien


Many people think that moving into a smaller apartment or home means getting rid of a lot of your stuff. This is false! A smaller space should not mean that you have no storage room. Read on to find out how to optimize a small space so that you don't have to decide between your prized souvenir collection or your roommates bean bag chair.

1) Choose dual pieces. For example, a couch that folds into a sleeper for overnight guests- or ottomans that double as fashionable storage pieces. Get a coffee table with storage area underneath rather than an open table and choose a TV stand with drawers and cabinets.
2) Loft your bed. Lofting your bed can provide tons of storage space for clothes or other things underneath. It's a simple solution with maximum benefit.
3) In your kitchen, hang your pots and pans over the stove. This is a trendy and effective way to free up storage room in your cabinets.
4) Shelves. Shelves are probably one of the easiest ways to create extra storage space. Install them over the toilet in the bathroom, on the walls in the common room, or even in your bedroom if you have no room for a bedside table.
5) Fake it! Installing mirrors and painting your space in a light, monochromatic color can make a small space appear larger in a pinch.