Organization Can Lead to Better Productivity

Written by  Alison O'Brien




We’ve all been there, papers start piling up on the desk, dishes start piling up in the sink, the floor of your room slowly becomes obscured by clothes tossed haphazardly… before you know it, everything is in disarray.  It seems like the more unorganized things gets, the less motivated we are to get things back to an organized state, and the less motivated we are to get things done in general.  Organization can actually lead to better productivity in general. Here are a couple of tips to keep your life organized and your productivity maximized.

1) Let’s be honest, nobody really has the time for organization. So MAKE the time. You will thank yourself later when you don’t have to devote hours to cleaning.

2) To do this, incorporate small organizational tasks into your daily routine. This creates a structure for organizing and is a simple change to your everyday life. For example, cleaning your dishes immediately after every meal instead of letting your dishes pile up for a week.

3) Hire professional help for the big jobs like general dusting and vacuuming every week.

4) Clean your work desk! Studies show that a clean and organized workspace can lead to as much as 85% increase in productivity because it allows the mind to focus on the task at hand instead of the amount of clutter on your desk.

5) Buy a planner. Having your daily routine written out will make you more likely to actually follow it!

Follow all of these tips for a guaranteed increase in your productivity, and your quality of life!